I invite you to learn about my interest in magic in the latest issue of University of Baltimore MagazineAfter reading the article, make sure to check out the Web Extra. Who knows? I may have a trick or two up my sleeve.

Here is an excerpt of the article:

All it took to get Steven D. Cohen hooked on magic was a simple card trick. Since that moment, he has used magic to connect with others—from being the new kid at school to breaking the ice with students in his current role as assistant professor in the Yale Gordon College of Arts and Sciences’ Klein Family School of Communications Design. Never one to shy away from a crowd, he has performed his magic tricks in front of hundreds of people at parties and fundraisers. Below, he dives into his background as the “Magic Man.”

Read the rest of the article here. You also can see me perform a few card tricks in this video. Watch carefully — you may not believe your eyes.

Public Speaking Training ~ Dr. Steven Cohen

Dr. Steven Cohen

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