Academic Publications on Communication & Presentation Training

Book Chapter

The Digital Communication Journal: Building an Online COMMunity for Student Dialogue
Published in Cases on Communication Technology for Second Language Acquisition and Cultural Learning

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

Understanding Listening Competency: A Systematic Review of Research Scales
Co-Authors: Peter C. Fontana, Andrew D. Wolvin
Published in International Journal of Listening

An Inventory of Listening Competency Dimensions
Co-Author: Andrew D. Wolvin
Published in International Journal of Listening

The Art of Public Narrative: Teaching Students How to Construct Memorable Anecdotes
Published in Communication Teacher

Listening to Stories: An Initial Assessment of Student Listening Characteristics
Co-Author: Andrew D. Wolvin
Published in Listening Education

The Music of Speech: Layering Musical Elements to Deliver Powerful Messages
Co-Authors: Thomas E. Wei, Daniel C. DeFraia & Christopher J. Drury
Published in Relevant Rhetoric: A New Journal of Rhetorical Studies

Transmitting Musical Images: Using Classical Music to Teach Public Speaking
Co-Author: Thomas E. Wei
Published in Communication Teacher

Other Articles

Supercharging Your Storytelling and Sales
Published in Toastmaster

It’s All About the Audience
Published in Toastmaster

Eliminating the Dreaded Um
Published in Harvard Extension School Alumni Bulletin

A View from the Balcony
Published in Toastmaster

The Digital Classroom: Using Technology to Teach Communication Skills
Co-Authors: Rowena Briones & Andi Narvaez
Published in ITforUM

Becoming a Powerful Public Speaker: Using Imagery to Captivate Your Listeners
Published in Rostrum

Leading Through Speech: How Leaders Champion Their Cause
Published in Rostrum